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A Heritage of Science and Quality

Over a decade ago, Lost Dutchmen Cannabis started as a small project. Quietly focused on cultivating high quality product that met the incredibly unique needs of the people that found us, the goal was to strive to do things in the most ethical way, utilizing the latest scientific approaches, even if it was hard. Today we are totally family owned and operated, a passionate group of native Arizonans, dedicated to providing the finest quality product we can grow.


We recognized that what is rare and valuable, only comes through hard work, and hard work is best embarked upon alongside others, learning and growing as you travel together. Over the years our team has grown and changed, our products expanded and developed, but the wisdom we gain and the work we do is treasured above all else.



The knowledge and passion passed to us is carried forward - understanding the challenges and rewards that come with experience and creative risk. We remain dedicated to hard work and the highest ethics, to acknowledging the work and heritage that led us here and fearlessly taking risks to gain more.


So many blazed the trail before us, working tirelessly in the shadows of the mountains, chasing the rarest gold. We now proudly follow in their footsteps carrying on the tradition, that may have started quietly, but is now proudly displayed in our commitment to quality and hard work. 

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A Hybrid of Tradition and Creativity

Our knowledge crosses mountains, and traveled far to find it way to us. We treasure what we learn, share what we know, and make every effort to create the rarest, most valuable product for our consumers.

Lost Dutchmen Cannabis products are small, boutique strains, 100% hydroponic and trimmed by hand with an obsessive attention to detail. 

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